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"In 1974, rock critic Jon Landau wrote that he had "seen the future of rock and roll and its name is Bruce Springsteen". As for me, I can say that I have seen (once more) the best Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band tribute group that I know, The Last Of The Duke Street Kings on April 14th in Lachute (Québec). These performers are not content with merely dishing out songs from The Boss' extensive catalog : they craft the intros and outros, they do wonderful vocals and are masters of their respective instrument. No matter if the concert goers are few or if there is a full house, these eight people -- yes, EIGHT! -- give it their all. If you like Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band's songbook, you'll like this group! They played 5 of the 10 special requests I had for them. These people play for the love of the music and each one will gladly say hello to you at the end of the evening. I want to mention the line-up from Friday: Andy Blincoe, Rhonda Blincoe (his sister), Glenn Ethier, Lyle Robinson, Ben Wilson, Matthew Souaid, William Fortis and Jon Di Lalla. Well done, LDSK!" - Jacques Des Becquets

"I’ve seen many Bruce tribute bands. I have followed Bruce in the USA to nine different states and even on a boat and a reservation and I thought I would never find another tribute band that’s as good is them, Boy was I wrong the show at the Arch St., Tavern blew me away. It was simply unbelievable! This band may not look like the East Street band and Bruce But Boy can they deliver on every single song and I’m talking 30 songs Unlike Bruce in the USA where you will hear the top 15 that you always here and love and done great. I am so looking forward to seeing this band again they made my summer of music!" - Robert Shields

"Great show. For a minute there, I thought you were gonna break the 4 hour 4 minute record. Thanks for playing The Fever. I hope you return." - John Rapp

"Great time last night thank you!"Donna D'Alessandro 

"It’s was amazing and so much fun! We certainly missed live music over the last 2 years! You guys rock it every time." Nadia Milito-Price

"Was so much fun! Your energy the entire night had so many of us up & dancing the entire time. I left thinking to myself: tonight has shown us what we have missed over the last 2 years. You guys have me looking forward to a summer full of live music. Enjoy your US tour (especially NJ — I’ll be sending my NJ pals to see you) and see you in September!"Elissa Goudge

"That was an amazing show, some great old tunes and stage energy  looking forward to the next one!" Lisa Potter

"You all put on an awesome show and you all were a pleasure to work with, we will be looking forward to seeing you in 2023!

Rock on!" - John Wilson and the Pasta Loft Crew.

"Fatigué, mais heureux : j'ai revu le groupe hommage montréalais à Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band, "The Last of the Duke Street Kings"! Cette formation était de passage chez Overflow Brewing Co. (avenue Kaladar à Ottawa) et une fois de plus, j'ai été estomaqué. Je n'ai jamais vu un groupe "de cover" se donner autant sur scène et travailler des arrangements et des transitions musicales comme eux (et elle, la choriste, soeur du chanteur Andy Blincoe). Faire participer la foule, jouer les demandes spéciales, jouer au sein de la foule... pendant plus de trois heures... cette joyeuse bande a manifestement du plaisir à nous offrir la musique du Boss. Si vous aimez le moindrement le répertoire de ce géant dela musique anglophone, vous devriez aller voir LDSK : vouspourriez devenir un(e)converti(e). Merci à Overflow Brewing Co. d'avoir présenté un spectacle d'aussi grande qualité. En somme,pour moi : LDSK = TALENTet amour inconditionnel dela musique et de leur public!

Tired but happy: I saw Montréal based "The Last of the Duke Street Kings", a tribute band to Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band for the second time last night at Overflow Brewing Co. (Kaladar avenue in Ottawa) and once again, I was floored. I have never seen a cover band give so much energy and enthusiasm to their fans, work some special musical arrangements and transitions like these musicians and singers do (including Andy Blincoe's sister who occasionally takes front stage). To make the crowd participate in the songs, to play special requests, to play IN the crowd... this crew obviously has great fun offering the Boss' music to us. If you like the Boss' music even just a little bit, you should check out LDSK: you could be "converted" into diehard fans. Thank you to Overflow Brewing Co. for presenting such a quality show. In summary, for me: LDSK = TALENT and unconditional love of music and their fans!"
-   Jacques Des Becquets

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